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Ay Yildiz is a german phone provider who specializes in the german/turkish population. This demographic is very interesting, since they don't feel German, nor Turkish. We wanted them to feel proud of who they where. Proud of being GermanTurks.
The whole campaign was made part German and Part Turkish. The story was in German and the point was in Turkish. This meant that neither Germans nor Turks could understand the message. Only our target group. All of a sudden they where the ones with the upper hand. When they saw a german scratching his head while looking at a billboard, the GermanTurk would know what it said.
The TV spots ran on national TV, showing the GermanTurks that Ay Yildiz respected them.
The target group also started talking like they did in the films. On social media it was adopted as a way of communicating within the TargetGroup
The Tagline "Sadece für Dich" is German Turkish for "Only for You"