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3D and deals do not always go hand in hand with credibility. Therefore, we chose not to focus the campaign directly on the product, but to turn the camera around and focusing on the people who daily use product.

The ad is shot on everything from VHS to iphone to RED and every single shot is from within a car. From where 90% experience their car.

Full credits:
Jason Mendes. Nordic ECD
Gustav Eger Ballenstedt. ECD Sweden
Regner Lotz. CD Denmark
Avinash Sampath Copywriter
Magnus Olsson Art Director

Rikke Wichmann Bruun: Automotive Regional MD
Paul McHugh. Account Director.
Raffaella Scarpetti. Head of TV
Marie Hughes. Exec Producer
Sam Rendle-Short: Producer

Koen Mortier. Director
Mette Jermiin. Exec Producer.
Menno Mans DOP
Anders Albjerg. Editor
Ditte Odgaard. Production Manager.
Toke Lotz. Music.
Tobias Kropp. Music.